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Yue Minjun, Noah’s Ark, 2005
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You're telling me racism isn't about individuality? It isn't about breaking barriers? One group of people deem themselves supreme over another group.. Assisting their self proclaimed power over groups by using biased persuasion of people within their groups? That one group are all supposed to think one way; because of forced traditional beliefs and aren't allowed to branch out of those beliefs- These situations don't seem to call for a rebellion of individuality?


Combating racism is about destroying the SYSTEM that is racism. Racism is not a problem because a bunch of individual assholes are running around perpetuating it, it is a problem because the entire american system is set up to make sure white people get the best treatment and opportunities and everyone is left in the dust. 

So yeah you individually can stop being a racist asshole but what are you going to do about the laws set up to make sure people of color are not getting the same opportunities? What are you going to do about majority of the government officials being old white men? What are you going to do with over 70% of the prison population being black and latino men?

The last thing i am worried about is individual white people being assholes. YOU AS A GROUP, yes you, yes ALL WHITE PEOPLE are the ones with power, it is your responsibility to use that white privilege and power to dismantle this fucked up system y’all created. Pocs can only do so much when we don’t have any power, really all we can do is talk and try to make our voices heard, what are white people doing? What are the people who hold the power doing?


Polito Vega
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.unused f/w 14
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Studio Sarp Sozdinler
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Straight Outta Hackney - Betty Adewole by Katja Mayer
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O’Shea Robertson, Krizia Robustella S/S 2015 Barcelona

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Wait, it’s activists making oppressed groups look bad? I thought it was entire industries, media organizations, politicians, and deeply entrenched social biases. My bad.

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Betty Adewole for Issa F/W 2014
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Opaque  by  andbamnan